Happy Valentine’s Day!

red-love-heart-alone-6068The day of love.

Contrived into a commercial “holiday” for the benefit of jewellers, chocolatiers, restauranteurs and florists.

I’m not against celebrating love.

Just the way we do it.

Personally, a bouquet of overpriced roses (simply because it’s Valentine’s Day) means little to me if the person presenting them neglects to use kind words the other 364 days.

And since I gave up sugar four years ago, those heart shaped boxes of waxy blobs of sweet don’t cut it anymore. I now prefer high-quality dark chocolate. A square or two mitigates the urge to eat more. (Yes, I’ve become a chocolate snob!)

Jewelry lost its sheen for me when I tried selling some rings and I was offered five cents on the dollar! All that glitters not worth gold!

Here’s what the Day of Love means to me: spending time with people I love.

Today I’m visiting two of my octogenarian friends and an aunt who’s in town. I’ll spend time with my Grandtoys this afternoon and see more friends this evening.

I’m enjoying listening to all the love songs on my favourite radio station.

Most importantly, I expect to continue building an aura of love that will spill into every day for the rest of my life.

I don’t expect it to be onerous. I believe we are all connected. One.

So when I’m kind to others, I’m kind to myself. I like to be kind to myself.

Like everything else, it seems the more I practice the better I get.

I encourage you to begin creating a day of love everyday. What better day to start than Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love?

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. My husband asked me what gift want for Valentine’s Day, roses, chocolates, a card? I said I the gifts I get every day of the year is all I want. He says thank you for every meal I cook. He compliments my clothes, notices my new haircut etc. He buys the groceries, keeps track of what we’re running short of, gets fruit etc that he knows I like, etc. His good morning and good night kisses are there for me every day. He shows his appreciation for the things I do around the house and the things I do for him. I have Valentine’s Day every day of the year.

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