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Problem: We are disconnected from our food. The food we eat is poisoning us. Our dismal health record can be attributed to the “unfood” we routinely consume.

Many people have no idea where their food comes from or why they should choose to eat certain foods. Their focus is calorie not nutrient.

What to do? I’m simply not the kind of person to throw up my hands and give up because there’s nothing I can do. There is always something to do.

Solution: Start a food dialogue. Introducing

Long-time readers of know that I have a passion for food.

I read about food. I write about food. I shop for food. I grow food. I prepare food. I share food. I eat food.

I think that makes me qualified to share information about food.

Hence my new site.

The site name succinctly defines my food philosophy. I believe most chronic disease can be prevented, treated and/or cured through dietary adjustments towards whole real foods.

I plan to post an article about food or nutrients every few days to a week.

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You can decide for yourself whether it’s useful information.

Do you have questions about food? I welcome them.

Contact me to suggest food topics to cover.

My goal is not to tell you what to eat. My goal is to give you information in easy to swallow bits so you can choose food that works for your body, your lifestyle and your health goals.

I’m hoping we can start with a conversation about food. Check out my site to whet your appetite.

In the meantime, I urge you to Eat the Food, the Whole Food and Nothing but the Food.