Shelley Goldbeck
Thinker, Writer, Speaker
Twitter:  @Shelley58

Shelley Goldbeck

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  2. You are a very interesting lady. I have read most of your latest blogs. Glad I got to meet you and sell you that hat. What level are you at in toastmasters? I am an advanced leader bronze and advanced communicator bronze. With plans to achieve my DTM by the end of next year and Advanced communicator silver by June of this year.
    Definitely enjoying learning more about you

  3. You are an amazing woman. Anyone fortunate enough to call you friend is most fortunate. I’m so glad you enetered my life and I love you dearly. I see myself as a reader but I can’t even begin to meet the volume of print you ingest every year. I’m pledging to read more next year and to watch television less!

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