These are a Few of Your Favourite Things

First posted January 3, 2013

signatureWhere does the time go? The years fly by. Can’t believe it’s 2013. Another year, gone.

These are sentiments you may hear frequently at dawn of a New Year.

A friend’s “Favourites” list inspired me to ditch my cliché blog on New Year’s resolutions.

New idea: perhaps if we cement the experiences of the past year into our brains, time won’t seem so fleeting. (continued in read more)

Why not bask in some of the glorious moments of the past year? Hold them. Fondle them. Imprint them into our memories.

It’s our history.  And if we don’t study our past, reflect on it, play with ideas on how we could have improved certain outcomes or even savor the moment more diligently, how can we expect to make this year better?

Lasting change is gradual, building on previous small changes. By reflecting on the good times we experienced last year, we can positively influence the outcome of the coming year, standing on the shoulders of our successes.

I’ve included the edited Favourites list, below.  Your favourite movie, song, artist, colour, lunchmeat, soft drink, etc. do not appear on this list, (unless, of course, you’re moved to add them).

Best of all, you do not have to send it to 16 friends in ten minutes or risk irreparable damage to your hard drive and 15 years bad luck!

I encourage you to contemplate/complete the list (or any list that causes you to reflect), add new categories, and/or share it with whomever you feel comfortable.

I won’t bore you with my favourites. (Except this one: My Favourite Non-News Story: The World Ends 12-21-12!  …So Y2K!)

(Okay, just one more! My Favourite Honour: on my friend’s list I was her Favourite Inspiration!)

When I did this exercise, I noticed that my future goals are largely connected to the small goals I accomplished and my favourite experiences last year.

I’ve come to understand that I create my own reality. Rather than not making resolutions, bleating the common chant, “because I never keep them”, my small victories and favourite moments encourage me to create more small victories and favourite moments.

At the very least, a list like this reminds me to be grateful for the many blessings I experience and receive every day.

I wish you all The Best for 2013.

2012 Favourites

Favourite compliment(s):

Favourite clients:

Favourite praise:

Favourite accomplishment:

Favourite good deed:

Done to me:

That I did for somebody:

That I witnessed:

Favourite trips:

Favourite culinary discovery:

Favourite thing I learned:

Favourite projects:

Favourite inspirations:

Favourite counsellors:

Favourite paycheck:

Favourite date with a friend:

Favourite supports for Family/child:

Favourite social occasions:

Favourite surprise gift:

Favourite moments with pets:

Favourite things your kids did:

Favourite moments with children:

Favourite changes:

Favourite feel-good buildings:

Favourite meals out:

Favourite meal in:

Favourite cafe:

Favourite experiences in a cafe:

Favourite physical/health accomplishments:

Favourite community accomplishments:

Favourite spiritual moments:

Favourite work experience:

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