2016 Welcome to One Woman’s Opinion!

In 2008 I decided to start calling myself a writer.

I had long dreamed of having my own opinion column in a major newspaper, but I lack credentials and credibility as a writer.

Then I discovered blogging. I could write on any topic, any time, any length, and show it to anybody, not solely newspaper subscribers.

So I began posting roughly a blog each week. I averaged about 40 posts a year, because some weeks I had nothing to say! (My friends and family are not convinced!)

Last year I got a little busy and I dropped my own ball. Not even anyone to blame! (Another of the advantages to blogging: self accountability).

I wasn’t feeling like much of a writer because I wasn’t writing purposefully, (except for work related projects) nor was I feeding my soul with the creative outlet that writing for pleasure brings me.

This year I’m writing daily, with purpose. You’ll see more blogs than ever, if you are a subscriber. If not, I urge you to join me in this strange and wonderful journey: life.

I read three books each week and if I read a particularly delicious one I will write a review so you can decide if you want to read it to.

My interests are all over the map so you might be surprised at what you’re reading. If it doesn’t suit your tastes, please carry on. See you next week.

One of my favourite activities is conversation. Let me know what you think. Maybe you have a topic you think I should cover.

I welcome your feedback.










Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved One Woman’s Opinion blog site.

My apologies to those who’ve recently visited only to find what looked like a soft porn site!

I learned a very important lesson about how slowly technology works if its masters (the geeks) choose! Transferring my domain caused the problems. But now we’re back. Thanks for checking in.

So what’s new?

First, my professional photographs. My mother nagged me about my first grade picture being posted too long. Some thought I was crazy for doing that. I thought it was funny. But I agreed it’s time for an update.

We have an entirely new format, which I hope you will find cleaner and easier to read. Forgive our trespasses as we fumble our way through learning a new system.

I am really excited about giving you the ability to sign up for a reminder when I post something new. So many readers tell me they forget to visit and only do so when I send out an email reminder. Now it can be automatic. A newsletter is in the works.

If you sign up, I promise to respect you. I won’t sell your information and I won’t spam you. Anytime you want to move on, I wish you well. I won’t cling. (You know the type!)

Some things about OneWomansOpinion are the same.

The book club page: I continue to read two books per week and people continue to engage in conversations with me about good books. My reading lists for the past six years are there, as are any book-related posts. I welcome your discussions and suggestions.

In all the reading I do, I am constantly gathering wise words which I feel compelled to share so the Insights page is still here.

Laughter is too important for my health not to include it in my day, so I still have a Fun Stuff page. You might want to pop in for a chuckle or to see something marvelous from time to time.

As far as content, I plan to continue to bring you a variety of topics and issues for your contemplation pleasure. If you want to see me cover a particular topic, I would be happy to entertain the possibilities.

My goal in all this is to learn and teach and then maybe teach and learn. And then do it again.

One of life’s great privileges is to have the right and the ability to think. I hold it such high regard that I call myself a Thinker, Writer, Speaker, Marketer on my business card.

Notice thinking comes first.

I invite you to join me on this journey.


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