2017 Welcome to One Woman’s Opinion!

I long dreamed of having my own opinion column in a major newspaper, but I lacked credentials and credibility as a writer.

Then in 2008 I discovered blogging. I could write on any topic, any time, any length, and show it to anybody, not solely newspaper subscribers.

I write about a number of topics including business, marketing, grandchildren, relationships, Toastmasters, gardening, health and my opinion on current events.

I read two books each week and if I read a particularly delicious one I will write a review so you can decide if you want to read it too.

My interests are all over the map so you might be surprised at what you’re reading. If it doesn’t suit your tastes, please carry on. See you next week.

One of my favourite activities is conversation. I encourage you to tell me what you think. Maybe you have a topic you’d like me to cover.

I welcome your feedback.











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