Is Stress Causing You Distress?

Sunflower against blue skyMy friend Ellen has been going through some tough times, a squabble with her sister over the family farm.

I visited Ellen recently and she complained that her lips had been burning for a couple days.

We discussed the possible causes of her discomfort. What was she eating? Had she started using any new products? Had she developed an allergy to something?

The pain was unresponsive to her attempted remedies which included coconut oil and vitamin E. Nothing worked.

Another day passed and Ellen’s lips slow-burned like a Scottish bog.

We reviewed our attempts to diagnose the cause.

Finally I blurted out, “What have you been doing the last several days? I’ll tell you.

“You’ve been writing your responses to 160 pages of lies and vitriol from your sister, words and thoughts that you have worked hard to ignore. Until now, you’ve taken the high road but your lawyers’ insistence that you respond to this poison has caused this reaction. I suspect your body objects to the toxins you’ve “spoken”.”

I suggested that she could get relief if she would recognize and release those negative thoughts. She meditated on it that evening when she went to bed.

The next morning her lips were no longer burning. It seemed a miracle.

Our bodies ARE miracles. The strange thing is how little we know about our own bodies and the tremendous power of our minds to affect our bodies.

Frankly, when I suggested the remedy, part of my own brain whispered, “That’s woo-woo stuff.” But I kept that to myself and persuaded Ellen it made sense and it was worth trying.

I’m so happy Ellen had faith. I got to witness a miracle. I needed the reminder.

Are you experiencing inexplicable physical symptoms that don’t respond to usual remedies?

I suggest you examine your life for stress. I’ve come to believe it is most often the root of illness or the catalyst that spawns an adverse health event.

After this experience with Ellen, I am more convinced than ever that an active plan to relieve stress is as important as a healthy diet and daily exercise.

3 thoughts on “Is Stress Causing You Distress?

  1. You are so very right. My story confirms what you have just said. Just in case you’re interested in my story, here it is.
    I was married to a fellow who had angry explosions (volcanic eruptions I called them), a closet drinker -need I go on. I developed snoring (that was affecting my voice), cancer sores that needed to be ‘burned’ out more and more frequently, high blood pressure (that I’d never had before), unpleasant, scary dreams and anxiety attacks (I didn’t even know what to call it at first). I was determined to make the marriage work, I loved the man and didn’t think it was causing me stress, just thought I was helping him deal with his issues. When I finally admitted that many of his traits (but not the drinking) were like my dad’s, and I needed to confront him with “It’s not OK. YOU need to do something”, I was faced with increasing amounts of negative behaviour and language that was toxic. I walked away from the marriage while I was strong enough to do so. (I realized how many women don’t have the financial means to do so, nor the support of family and friends.) I no longer need a C-Pap machine, I haven’t had cancer spots since and my dreams are pleasant ones.

    Interesting is how I don’t regret the experience. What I learned about myself and how stress affects health has been invaluable. I appreciate being able to be empathetic to others, especially women, who are in the same situation. And what I appreciate most is that I was able to marry again (though I swore I never would or could), and our life together as Harry ‘n Jen has been a blessing. For both of us it’s been another wonderful chapter in life’s road.

  2. A similar experience has proven true for me as well. I could feel the toxins in the air when my now ex would have a (I called them) volcanic explosion, an anger outburst. I started experiencing all kinds of health problems. I had to walk away from that marriage or it would have done me in, physically. I have none of those physical symptoms anymore.

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