Marshmallow Gun

This week I entered a writing challenge. Thought I’d share with you what I wrote.
Here is the challenge: The little choices we make each day create meaningful stories that can change the course of our lives. Seeking best stories about how a little choice had a positive, significant influence on you in 170 words or less.

marshmellowgunI met Liam, 13, at my Grandtoys’ school’s Art Harvest on Friday.

Liam sold marshmallow guns at an art show table in the gym.

I bought this one for $20 including two bags of ammunition.

A marshmallow gun has several potential uses like entertaining aforementioned Grandtoys.

Husband can use it in his on-going war with magpies, much safer than his pellet gun plan!

As a speaker, I’m always seeking to add fun to my presentations. Audiences would wake right up if I started pelting them with baby marshmallows.

Making marshmallow guns would be a fun “cottage project”; I now possess a prototype.

I’ll never know if my marshmallow gun purchase will make any difference in Liam’s life.

I like to think it will. By noticing him, taking him seriously, and purchasing his product, I expect Liam will be encouraged to launch other ingenious endeavors, some of which just might change the world, most certainly, Liam’s world.

And I have my marshmallow gun.